This is My Silver Lining

We are excited to kick off a new season of This is My Silver Lining with Executive Coach, Cynthia Michael-Wolpert, ICF PCC.  We talk to Cindy about embracing fear and Going For It!! Instead of falling into her default settings, Cindy seized the opportunity presented when she was laid off and decided to start her entrepreneurial journey.   Cindy is the founder of Results-Based Coaching (RBC) Associates.  She works with business leaders across all levels of seniority to maximize their leadership potential, manage successful transitions, and realize their professional goals. She is a creative and thoughtful innovator who is known for bringing calm to the chaos.

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Leadership 2022 – Shaping a Better Future

Do your leaders have the skills they need to take on the challenges and opportunities of the new year?

We surveyed hundreds of HR and talent professionals, senior executive coaches, and individual leaders across industries and around the world to identify the skills required to take on the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of 2022.

Then, we turned that data into Leadership 2022 Trends Report, an informative, actionable guide that will empower you to help leaders at your organization to succeed in the new year and shape a better future.

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Why Every Executive Should Be Focusing on Culture Change Now

As the global community emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders must lay the foundation for their organizations to thrive in a very different world. The pandemic accelerated three interlinked types of transformation affecting every industry: the adoption of digital technologies, the development of new business models, and the implementation of new ways of working. Most companies are now engaged in one or more of these types of transformation. Businesses that aren’t — whether because they have ignored the signals or have failed to adapt quickly enough — risk becoming obsolete.

While most executives recognize the transformation imperative, far fewer understand the essential connection between business transformation and culture change. Companies cannot realize the true potential of digital transformation, embrace new business models, or implement new ways of working without supporting changes in organizational behaviors and norms. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group found that companies that focused on culture were five times more likely to achieve breakthrough results in their digital transformation initiatives than those that didn’t.

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Internal vs. External Coach: 4 Things to Consider Before You Make the Call

“After much deliberation and debate, the decision has finally been made. There is an agreement to invest in a leader with a coach to help them reach their highest potential. This is great news! Now, it’s time to source the perfect coach. Of course, there is a sense of urgency now that everyone is aligned.”

Sound familiar? As the leader of the executive coaching strategy at a Fortune 100 financial services firm, I was responsible for designing and implementing thousands of coaching engagements around the world. Each time, one of the biggest considerations was whether to use an internal or external coach. Each time, the answer depended on the leader and their situation.

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Be Humble and Be Kind

Managing your energy when the weight of the world is your competition

Do you feel it? There is a heaviness in the air, Covid, unemployment, and the surge of racism in our country. I have experienced the last week as a piercing headache that won’t go away, an enormous cement block weighing me down, a tidal wave that needs to be addressed immediately, and a combination of guilt and gratefulness for the life I have personally led.

While I cannot relate firsthand to all of today’s challenges what I can do is be an ally to my clients, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. In addition to my commitment of listening to learn, and striving for a more inclusive workplace and world, I have had multiple conversations over the past few days discussing how to best manage priorities when the weight of the world is your competition.

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Bringing Calm to the COVID-19 Chaos

3 theme’s my clients (and maybe you) are facing

My coaching clients often tell me I bring ‘calm amid chaos’ and the ability to make ‘the most uncomfortable, comfortable’.

Below are three themes that have emerged during my coaching sessions these past six weeks as we are all learning to navigate through COVID-19.  I’m sharing them as they might feel familiar and hopefully bring you a bit of ‘calm and comfortable’.

PARENTING OVER WORKSHEETS.  Parents with school age children are now teachers and for many they are juggling their career as well. 

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How to Make The Most Uncomfortable Comfortable

Three tips to “make the most uncomfortable comfortable.”

My clients often tell me I have the ability “to make the most uncomfortable comfortable.”

There has been a lot of uncomfortable over the past 60-90 days, but I am confident this is not the only time you have felt ‘uncomfortable.’  Below are some tips to move closer towards comfortable.

GROW OR STAGNATE:  We have all heard the term Growth Mindset, the ability to learn and develop skills regardless of your natural ability, through determination and hard work. But hard works sounds hard…keep the following in mind when you find yourself outside of your personal comfort zone:

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