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Cindy’s genuine and honest approach to coaching helped me quickly identify several leadership development priorities.  Her enthusiasm, insightfulness, sincerity, and thoughtful questioning facilitated improved self-awareness and inspired me to explore new approaches to foster learning.  She respectfully challenged my biases and held me accountable for identifying and completing action items to learn experientially.  Cindy helped me understand the importance of self-reflection, building deeper relationships, and being deliberate about where and how I engage.

~ Head of Operations

I am the humbled recipient of an upcoming promotion and I can confidently say that I would not be in this successful position without Cindy’s sage guidance and wisdom through our coaching engagement. I am in a better place in terms of how I am showing up as a leader and I have her to thank. She is a force in developing leaders.


Cindy’s insightful leadership and her desire to support Clark students in their career development and preparation while meaningfully engaging alumni led to a successful partnership with the university’s career connections center and athletics department. Cindy identified a need and took an innovative approach to ‘meet students where they were’ rather than the traditional career services model. This approach helped to build a signature program that: -Developed & delivered content to students to support resume & interview preparation as well as networking skills. -Expanded engagement to alumni to build bridges with students as well as re-engage alumni with the university -Built a model that could be scaled beyond our athletes to other groups across campus.

~ Sr Executive Director of Strategic Institutional Relationships

I knew I needed pivot my management style when I returned from a 2 week vacation and my team said they did some of their most creative work while I was away! The comment struck me as a compliment to my ability to empower my team and also made me question if my presence was stifling creativity. I turned to Cindy for help and she took me on a journey to explore my management style by first focusing on the needs of my staff. She created a space for me to explore what it meant to “lead from behind” and to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader in a totally new way. Cindy’s warmth, intellect, expertise and kindness inspired me to learn and share new strategies for managing my team.

~ Chief Advancement Officer

Cindy’s leadership and expertise in executive coaching and organizational program development are exemplary. Executive leaders and HR Business Partners have successfully achieved their development goals because of her counsel and strategic insights.

Cindy’s strategic consulting skills were invaluable to executives leading their business units through organizational change. She actively presented qualitative recommendations as well as data driven quantitative solutions on the most complex talent matters. Her business partnering skills were exceptional, connecting with leaders at every level within her business groups.

~ Director HR

I have known Cindy for over 20 years, her modus operandi is based on forming open and trusting relationships with people. This approach to her work (and life in general) is what makes Cindy successful in her role as an executive / career coach. Cindy’s coaching has been very beneficial to me at a number of points in my career – whether I was dealing with a complex issue at work, or when I was considering a job change. In helping me work through complex issues, Cindy’s questions, thoughts and guidance reflected a real-world blend of business acumen, politics and an innate understanding of human nature. On the job search front, she shared tools that prompted deep introspection – which enabled me to figure out what future roles might interest me and what kinds of organizations might be good targets. Her coaching helped me hone my ability to articulate what I was looking for, my description of what key talents, experience and traits I could bring to a potential employer, and my interviewing technique. Cindy’s approach was always constructive and supportive, which helped bolster not only my skills, but also my mental outlook. I highly recommend Cindy as an executive / career coach – she is professional, expert and, above all, kind – and always has her client’s best interests at heart.

~ VP Marketing

Joining a new organization in an Executive capacity is always a challenge. However, my transition into XXX was successful due to Cindy serving as my transition coach! She was thoughtful, thought provoking, consistent and knowledgeable of not only XXX but the transition process! If you are looking for an Executive Coach, Cindy is the best! Don’t go it alone, take Cindy along with you on your next journey!

~ Head of Talent Management

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